Antelope Canyon

As a part of our Honeymoon we were allowed to visit the Amazing Antelope Canyon near Page, Arizona. Months before our trip we got in touch with ADVENTUROUS ANTELOPE CANYON PHOTO TOURS and we were lucky to be allowed on a photographic tour on July, 22nd 2016.

The Company is based outside of Page, on the State Highway 98. There is a cabin where people meet for their tours. Due to very hot temperatures, everyone is happy that there are benches and tables under a large sheet roof to provide shade. They have 4x4’s and the drive to the canyon takes about 15 Minutes, half on road, half off-road. The trip is very well organized.

These people love "their" canyon and they take good care of it: You are not allowed to bring backpacks or bags because the zippers could scratch the walls. You are allowed to bring a bottle of water and your camera with attached tripod. You won't change your lens if you are in the canyon, because of the sand and the wind. 

Bart and Roman were our guides on that day. They did a very good job, directing people thru the canyon so that you got to take your shots, without having other people in your photos. 

The canyon itself is an absolutely amazing, magical place!  Water, Wind, Sand and a lot of time formed this unique canyon. The variety of light, shadows and colors is awesome. 

This is a place you have to visit!

Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tours

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